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· Project to Buy Musical Fidelity    posted May 15, 2018 (show)
· Shure to Discontinue Phonograph Cartridge Production    posted May 2, 2018 (show)
  • Statement from Shure
  • First Oppo Digital, now Shure. Hmm. Hat tip to Jack Walton.
  • Comments:
  • § The hipster vinyl fad might be coming to an end.
     ⤷ posted May 3, 2018 by JimOfAllTrades
  • § The "fad" may be fading, but most of the cartridge makers do not cater to the Crosley turntable buyers. In the high end world, cartridge makers have proliferated, and if one of them is not refreshing their line, as well as moving upscale with "reference" and "statement" models, they will die. That was Shure's issue. While some of the old names grew - Audio Technica, Ortofon, et. al., some stagnated and died - Stanton, for example. Shure, rather than doing anything to stay relevant, cut models and stayed away from moving into more high-end models. They allowed their cartridge business to become marginalized and dwarfed by their other product areas, like the exploding headphone business and pro sound gear. At this point, it was natural to exit the space altogether.

    But saying vinyl is over because Shure stopped making pickups is like saying digital is over because Oppo stopped making DACs and BD players. Just sayin'.
     ⤷ posted May 3, 2018
  • § ยง Hipster? I can't see anyone here label me a hipster. Maybe a Luddite between my LP's and Tubes. I just checked the market, the ultimate decider, no? Jerry Raskin shows 213 phono cartridges and only 5 of them are made by Shure. I don't think that Shure's departure will make much of a dent in the vinyl fad. :)
     ⤷ posted May 18, 2018
· US Customer Warranty Rights    posted May 1, 2018 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • You Can Open Up Cases!
  • FTC on Illegal Warranty Restriction Stickers
  • If you don't believe that article, here's Popular Mechanics


    Essentially, if a company provides a warranty on an electronic device (they are not required to do so), your attempts to have the device repaired by yourself or other services will not void the warranty--as a matter of law--this overrides the company's policy. You can even modify a product, and if that modification does not cause the issue under warranty then it's still under warranty. Again, this is a matter of law--it doesn't matter what the seller claims.

    Now enforcing the law is sometimes a pain, but there are civil and criminal liabilities, so companies need to be careful how cavalier they are about flouting it. I'm sure they will make up any excuse not to service a device that would fall under this law, but there are civil penalties for lying about the law. Whether it's worth the hassle is always debatable, but that's true for any warranty work. Generally, warranties help sell products but don't bring in any additional cash, unless they are "extended" kind you pay for. So companies often lose money on them. The initial warranty period is often very short, and the paid extended warranty is three years. However, this is up to the company--they are just obligated to honor it once the sale is made and they are still in business. Other restrictions on warranty variations are a matter of state law, in general. What we're talking about here is federal law and applies anywhere under US territory.
· State of Theoretical Physics    posted Apr 30, 2018 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • Book Questions Use of Theories Not Based on Evidence but Beauty
  • Link to Ars Technica Book Review
  • It might seem esoteric, but as a follow-up to my article in the March newsletter, I found a whole book on the topic! Essentially, physics has stalled out for lack of evidence against the Standard Model, a work from the 1970's that's been confirmed over and over again--most recently with the Higgs Boson--despite all the pretty theories arrayed against it. As I've said, and the book reinforces, the scientists are still pursuing their theories, despite being nearly wiped out by lack of evidence, entering the realm of good pseudo-science turning into bad pseudo-science. It's an odd coincidence, but a nice one.
· Axpona - Tekton Double Impact    posted Apr 27, 2018 (show)
  • only 1 of them is a tweeter -- the other 6 are mids!
  • Post 300 Image
· Axpona - my favorite room    posted Apr 27, 2018 (show)
  • The Avantgarde Trio
  • Post 299 Image
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