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· Web Site for signing up to bring snacks, beverages and deserts to Holiday Party    posted Nov 8, 2017 (show)
  • Please visit the site linked below
  • Holiday Party 2017 Sign Up site
  • We are requesting that those attending the Holiday Party bring snacks, deserts and beverages in order to stretch our food budget so that we can have a nice dinner like last year. This is purely voluntary. This year, we are using SignupGenius in an effort to avoid duplication and omissions. Thank you, and Happy Holidays.
· Tubes galore in Bladerunner sequel!!!    posted Oct 25, 2017 (show)
  • I just saw some stills in Wired magazine from Bladerunner 2049, and a few of the electronic doodads being used by the characters prominently feature vacuum tubes! Cool!!!!
· Line Rider Video: In the Hall of the Mountain King    posted Oct 14, 2017 by JimOfAllTrades (show)
  • I've never heard of these Line Rider videos before, but here's a cute example. Not sure what the rules are.
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