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§ Pre-emptive Estate Sale!    posted Mar 14, 2019, runs thru Mar 14, 2021 (show)
  • Pre-emptive Estate Sale!
    My contact info is below.

    I have collected a number of pieces of gear over the years and it has time to clear some out.
    Most have been in storage for a while and were working when put away.
    I have some other items in my basement and in my (temperature controlled) storage bin.

    In my first posting the asking price was either a wild guess on my part, or based on eBay items that actually sold.
    I have decided that I needed an objective starting point for prices, so I am using Audiogon's Bluebook.
    A price followed by "R" is the original retail,
    a price followed by "A" is the lowest or recent price that Audiogon has listed it selling for.
    If price is blank, it just means I haven't had a chance to look it up yet.
    I am updating the ad as I find more information.
    Current operating condition is uncertain, and adjustments will be made accordingly.
    Of course, if not working, then return for refund. Home trial possible.

    Any reasonable offer will be considered.

    Metronome Technologie CD Transport (T1a) and Power Supply (AL2) $12300R $1666A Display is a little flaky

    Pair of AES (Cary) Six Pac monoblocks $2400R $1250A

    Cary SLA-70 $1095R $444A That was in 2002. Since then the price has been consistently over $600

    Convergent Audio Technology CAT SL-1 $3900R $1200A

    Exact Power ES-15A AC Conditioner/Regenerator $2500R $425A S/N 80038 02/01

    Dynaco ST 70 with triode Board installed $180R $205A Recent sales have been over $400
    Dynaco ST 70 with triode board parts $180R $205A Recent sales have been over $400

    Dynaco PAS 3 custom built external PS $110R $116.45A This is a custom item so should be worth $200 (built by a LI audio society member)

    Michael Yee preamp pfe-1 and power supply PSU-1 $900R $300A

    Monolithic Preamp PS1 $399R $100A and upgraded power supply HC1 $279R $125A

    Lehmann Black Cube phono preamp $695R $195A

    VPI Quartz Micro Processor Control Line (Frequency) $? $?

    dex Gain Block II pre-pre amp $50? No information

    TTSuperClamp Light (200g)for LP to turntable spndle (minimum height 1/8") $109R $?

    SAE-5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System $200R $102A

    Bright Star Audio Big Rock Isolation platforms:
    2.5-3" by 19.5" by 17" $100R $60A
    2" by 18.5" by 15" $100R $60A
    These are meant to be sand filled and are now, could be transported with care not to tilt.

    Makings of a nice 5.1 sytem:

    Rotel RSP-1098 surround sound processor (7.1) $2999R $365A

    Vienna Acoustics on Overture Audio (they have more info on their site http://overture-audio.com/product_lines/vienna_acoustics/intro.html) :
    Webern (3 for left and right fronts and center channel) $1449 each in Piano Black Lacquer on Overture Audio
    Berg (2 for surrounds) $949 each in Piano Black Lacquer
    Vertical or horizontal orientation wall-mount bracket - $90 I have three for the Weberns, and two for the Bergs
    Vertical orientation tabletop stand - $85 I have two for the Weberns
    Horizontal orientation tabletop stand - $150 I have one for the Webern being used as Center.
    These mounts are special order from overseas and cost a lot more than shown above.
    Audiogon Bluebook has Webern $795R $375A and Berg $500R $800A (I think this must be for a pair)
    I don't know why the retail prices are so different between Overture Audio and Audiogon.
    Maybe Overture is for a pair. I purchased these used.
    I will only sell these as a set. I ask $2000 for all of it.

    REL Stentor III Subwoofer (with standard cable) $4995R $1200A
    REL third party 9m High Level 3 bare wire to Neutric cable

    Dahlquist Subwoofer Crossover DQ-LP1 $395R $198A

    CAL Audio Labs 5 CD changer and DVD player $1195R $195A (I can't locate this right now)
    CAL Audio Gamma DAC $295R $76A

    Meridian Compact Disk Player 200 $1495R $300AT What Hi-Fi?'s best 24 CD players of its lifetime June 2018

    Sony CDP-C601ES 5 CD changer $580R $105A? (These numbers are for the CDP-C701ES)

    Sony VCR SLV-N750 yes! a VCR! On Amazon from $65 and on eBay from $30 No idea if it still works. Money back if it does not.

    HHb CDR-600 Professional CD recorder (Closest I found was an HHb-800 on Reverb.com for $150)

    NAD T760 AV receiver (5.1) $999R $274A
    NAD 116 Solid State Preamp (6 inputs) $800R $250
    NAD 916 Multi-channel amp (6X30W) $700R $169A

    Yamaha T7 Tuner $410R $50A

    KEF 100 Center Channel Speaker $500R $115A
    KEF 90 Center Channel Speaker $380R $125A

    Nordost speaker cables: Red Dawn 3m bananas $999R $120A Most recent and average $350
    Super Flatline 3m bananas $199R $100A

    PNF Audio Symphony 4m pair bananas $329R $80A for 6 foot pair. $160 for 12 foot pair?

    Zu Audio WAX 3m pair bananas $? $150A Have been compared to Nordost Red Dawn

    Tara Labs RSC Prime Bi-Wire speaker cables (pair):
    2m 1 spade to 1 spade per channel Asking $150
    2.5m 1 spade to 2 spades per channel Asking $150
    4m 2 spades to 1 spades per channel Asking $250
    No retail given by Audiogon. $165 in February 2019, length not given.
    All wires are accessible at each end, so they could be terminated as you like.

    Audioquest Type 4 Hyperlitz one 3m $20

    Kimber Kable 4PR unterminated pair 5' braided 4 black and 4 brown each channel $66R $30
    Kimber Kable 4VS unterminated pair 2m braided 4 black and 4 gray each channel $82R $40

    Nice custom Balanced interconnects:
    one RCA to XLR 2m $
    pair PNF Audio 1.5m $
    pair PNF Audio 2.0m $
    two pair Neutrik 2m $

    Advent Powered Partner Computer Speakers $
    Mirage powered Subwoofer Omni S8 (for computer sound) $350R $199A

    AC-6 Remote Trigger (120) 6 outlet power supply 2 New $?
    APC Current Sensing AC outlet system
    IPC-8 Pro 8 outlet microprocessor controlled $?
    TSP-3 Tape recorder switch (1 play in and 3 record out) $?
    AXP-1 Aux input selector $?
    AC-8DSS 8 outlet $?
    SPK-1 speaker control $?
    PS-1 Phono/Aux A-B switcher $?

    Advent ACE-515 AC Enhancer $180R $30A

    Advent GFS-1 Speaker selector $100R $25?

    Radio Shack Stereo Source Selector $10 (lowest eBay price)

    Carl V. Gogolak
    17 Crown Court Drive
    Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

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§ Janis Interphase Subwoofer asking $250    posted Mar 2, 2019, runs thru Sep 2, 2019 (show)
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  • It would be picked up from my home in Woodland Park, NJ. It works, but is not compatible with my Magnapan 20.1 dipole radiators. The Maggies need a dipole subwoofer to address below 40Hz.
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§ IsoPlat Rolling & Isolating Platform for equipment stands    posted Nov 28, 2018, runs thru May 28, 2019 (show)
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  • 21 3/8”W x 24 3/8”D. Accepts a typical single-width equipment racks and rolls back & forth on wood and low-nap carpeted floors to make access to the back of the equipment convenient. Hi-tech laminated MDF constrained layer construction using a special vibration damping glue (1 ½” thick), nicely edged with wood also glued with the special vibration glue and “floating” from one layer to avoid transferring vibration between them. High-capacity multiple rollers are additionally isolated from the platform with special hi-tech polymer pads. Use of multiple rollers distributes weight to reduce coupling to the floor, where coupling is undesirable for equipment racks.

    Originally $1,200 custom made: reconditioned -----------------------------now only $400
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§ Second System Equipment, New Vinyl and CD's    posted Nov 20, 2018, runs thru May 20, 2019 (show)
  • Cherry Pick from this list of Equipment and New Vinyl. Willing to swap/trade products or accessories.

    Yamaha RX 500 Receiver $25
    Yamaha R5 Receiver $25
    Pioneer PD-DM802CD  12 CD Changer $50
    Sony CD-PCE335     5 CD Changer  $25
    Sony DVP-NC655P   5 DVD/CD Changer $25

    M & K Satellite 1B speakers (updated dual tweeters & dual midrange drivers per speaker) with stands
    M & K The Volkswoofer subwoofer with updated driver $450 for Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer and Stands

    Harmon Kardon HKTS 10 Home Theater Speaker System $150
    Triad Omni Round 6 Speaker Pair $50
    Triad In Wall Mini 4 LCR Single Speaker $25

    New Vinyl (sealed)

    Johnny Mathis-The Silver Anniversary Album (double album) $15
    Barbara Streisand- Memories $10
    Shure Audio Obstacle Course Era III $20
    Micro Acoustics TT2002 Demonstration Test Record $20

    Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products.

    Mike Abrams
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§ Aural Acoustics Model B floorstanding speakers - $1200*    posted Nov 7, 2018, runs thru May 7, 2019 (show)
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  • *NJAS members' price
    Sounded so good when I heard these at a NYC audio show, I had to have them. I'm the original owner. These have been babied and in my main system for their entire life. Never left the room. Once you hear these you will fall in love as I did. Hate to see these go but trying to downsize Very compelling accurate realism.
    read review : http://enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0706/aural_acoustics_b.htm
    Full range, floorstanding loudspeaker
    Tweeter: Sonotex silk soft dome with Hexadym patented magnetic structure.
    Midrange: Four inch driver with hand woven blend of carbon fiber and Kevlar cone
    Woofer: Seven inch treated paper bass driver with Kapton voice coil former
    Frequency Response: 33Hz to 25kHz
    Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal / 4 Ohms minimum
    Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m
    Recommended Power: 35 Watts minimum

    Features: AccuRange technology to dampen and absorb rear wave response, time and phase alignment for both drivers and crossover. Isolated free-floating baffles plus optimized driver chambers.

    Real Wood Finish: Cherry
    Weight: 120 Pounds per Pair
    Dimensions: 10.25 X 15.25 x 41.5 (WxDxH in inches)
    Original Price: $4,500 per pair
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§ BRAND NEW SEALED LFD DAC 5 SE    posted Nov 3, 2018, runs thru May 3, 2019 (show)
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  • My friend Gene Rubin from Gene Rubin Audio asked me to pass along an offer to the members of the NJAS. He has a brand new (still sealed) LFD DAC 5 SE for sale. List price is $4,795. NJAS member price is $3,000 or best offer. I have a 20 year relationship with Gene Rubin and he is a very stand up guy.

    The DAC is very simple, as are most products from LFD. Each product is hand made and hand built by Dr. Richard Bews, PhD. Each DAC is auditioned very carefully to ensure performance. Richard makes his own power supplies and uses the purest of silver and copper wire money can buy. The DAC will decode files up to 24/192 (sorry no DSD). Truly a high value product for the money.

    If interested let me know. Gene is happy to have you audition the DAC with no obligation if you are in the market for a DAC.

    The photo you see here is not the actual DAC it's just for reference but is exactly the same as the one for sale.

    Inputs are:

    SPDIF (RCA and BNC)


    Mike Pacholick
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